Green Lake Healing Center

Attention Deficit Disorder

For a number of years now, dating back to 1990, I have been fortunate to receive the services of Paul Olko and his Chinese Herbal expertise.

For a good portion of that time, I would do “walk in” consultation and in so doing built up a trust in Paul’s honest, helpful, and straightforward advice and care. He always made time for me and I always felt that I was well cared for when I went to him.

This year I had an acute illness and went to Paul for the first time on a regular and intensive program. The formulas for blood clots and blood stasis worked phenomenally well. Later the formulas for “fallen organs” (not his term, but mine) worked so well that I can say to everyone I meet that I have never felt this good in my entire life, and this is no exaggeration.

Paul has done wonderful work for my children, whatever the problem, from the usual childhood illnesses to more complex problems like helping them with formulas for Attention Deficit Disorder.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to live in an area where Paul Olko is practicing and to have his expertise in Chinese Herbology available to me and my family.

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