Green Lake Healing Center


When I was told last summer that I was very anemic and had a dangerously sick condition in my uterus, further complicated by the presence of a large mass on my right ovary, I became desperate. However, in the midst of being told that surgery to remove my ovary and perhaps the uterus was the cure, I went to see you. At the time, your message was simple and clear; perhaps too simple compared to today’s “advanced” medicine. You said, “Give yourself time to heal before rushing into removing your organs which are meant to be a part of you. In other words, the last option to consider should be the knife.” Suddenly, a rush of hope and logic was present in my life. Yes, I discovered the way to get to the root of my health problems. So under your guidance, I began to fortify and care for my neglected body. After a week of treatment, and in spite of my doctors, my system started to fall into balance and immediate results were experienced. Four months later, the anemia was history, my uterus cleared up completely, and the mass in the ovary was reduced  to the point of no concern.

This has been a great Christmas gift, the gift of health.

For your wisdom and encouragement and patience, thank you.

For your ability to deal with a woman desperately grasping at straws for immediate cure, thank you.

For helping me to understand the value of the “second spring” of my life, thank you.

For taking care of my daughter’s problems, and her child’s, thank you.

Have a wonderful Christmas, along with your family.

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