Green Lake Healing Center


I have been seeing Paul Olko since March of 1992, and have seen him about 30 times during that period. Using Chinese herbs, Paul has treated me successfully for lower back pain, asthma, and bronchitis.

All of my treatments from Paul have been wonderful, but perhaps the most dramatic example of his effectiveness as an herbologist can be found in my recent experience with bronchitis. I suffered severe congestion of the lungs over a month-long period, during which time I was unable to connect with Paul due to travel and my tight schedule. I often found myself coughing so hard that I vomited. From standard medical doctors during that time I was given 2 courses of antibiotics and a course of steroids, all to no avail. I finally was able to have a visit with Paul, and within four days of taking his herbal remedies, my lungs were completely clear.

It is without hesitation and with the utmost enthusiasm that I recommend that Paul be fully certified as a Chinese herbalist.


For more than two years Paul Olko has provided Chinese Herbal Care for me and my son and daughter.

Paul obviously loves his work with herbs. His belief in their effectiveness is contagious. When I would ask him about a health problem I was experiencing, his response was thorough and enthusiastic. Paul has always been sensitive to my information, impressions and experience. His prescriptions never failed to help and cure my problems.

Paul has given me herbs which shrank uterine fibroids, for flu, colds, digestive problems, weight loss, lack of energy, estrogen deficiency, ear and eye irritations. Paul has successfully treated my son for asthma and nervous disorders with herbs. He has assisted my daughter in recovering from chronic fatigue syndrome.

It has been an adventure for me to prepare teas from the original herbal mixtures Paul prescribes from his huge store of ingredients.

Paul is my first choice of help when I have a medical problem. He has given me faith that I can heal my body and often my mind and emotions with Chinese herbs in a safe, balance and altogether beneficial manner without negative side effects.

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