Green Lake Healing Center

Bipolar Disorder:

My husband had bipolar disorder with severe manic episodes that forced him to be involuntarily committed to the state mental institution on several occasions. After his last involuntary commitment (in early 2000), he was prescribed lithium indefinitely. While the lithium reduced the amplitude of his mood swings, keeping him within functional range, it was clear to me that he was not himself under its influence. In the spring of 2001, we agreed to try sending him to Paul for treatment.

Paul treated him every few weeks for one year. My husband stopped taking his lithium a couple of months into treatment and I remember clearly a day after about 9 months of treatment when the clouds seemed to lift and he was back to his old self. His final “episode” occurred at the conclusion of the treatment, was quite brief (3 weeks vs. his usual 4 month pattern) and was very mild (he did not require hospitalization and his parents could not even detect it). That was in June of 2002. Since then he has been completely fine and in full control of his faculties, for which we are enormously grateful.

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