Green Lake Healing Center


I have been a patient of Mr. Olko since the early 1980s. He has treated me for a variety of ailments, including weight control, fatigue and stress. In 1987 he treated me when I miscarried in the third month of pregnancy. He prescribed a variety of Chinese herbs, one being powerful enough to contract the uterus and lessen the amount of bleeding. Moreover, in spite of the circumstances, I felt extraordinarily well and healthy. When I returned to the Ob/Gyn MD, he was amazed that the hemoglobin was normal. In 1989 Paul Olko again treated me for bursitis in my left shoulder which had stubbornly resisted anti-inflammatory medicine from the MD. Paul again used Chinese Herbs.

As of this date I am still a patient, this time in menopause, and I am successfully using the Chinese Herbs prescribed by Mr. Olko instead of the conventional Hormone Replacement Therapy. It is again working. I feel well and healthy without any of the side effects which were apparent when I was on estrogen replacement.

—E. H. H.
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