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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

For more than two years Paul Olko has provided Chinese Herbal Care for me and my son and daughter.

Paul obviously loves his work with herbs. His belief in their effectiveness is contagious. When I would ask him about a health problem I was experiencing, his response was thorough and enthusiastic. Paul has always been sensitive to my information, impressions and experience. His prescriptions never failed to help and cure my problems.

Paul has given me herbs which shrank uterine fibroids, for flu, colds, digestive problems, weight loss, lack of energy, estrogen deficiency, ear and eye irritations. Paul has successfully treated my son for asthma and nervous disorders with herbs. He has assisted my daughter in recovering from chronic fatigue syndrome. It has been an adventure for me to prepare teas from the original herbal mixtures Paul prescribes from his huge store of ingredients.

Paul is my first choice of help when I have a medical problem. He has given me faith that I can heal my body and often my mind and emotions with Chinese herbs in a safe, balanced and altogether beneficial manner without negative side effects.



When I first saw Paul on September 12 [1995], I had been sick since May 29 (15 weeks). I spent the whole month of June in bed because I was either too dizzy to get out of bed or the sheer will it took to be up and ambulatory was too much for me to bear. I also had incredible bouts of nausea that were so bad I thought I would throw up, but did not.

Interspersed with the dizziness and nausea were days when my whole body felt as if it weighted a ton and it took every ounce of energy to simply carry on a conversation. Or I would have days when I woke up feeling alright, go into Charlottesville (from Earlysville) to Fresh Fields and Kroger, and arrive home one and a half hours later totally physically depleted. Some days I was totally symptom-free. When I would “overdo it”—and I never knew what would be too much for my body to handle—I was so exhausted that even lying down brought me no comfort. My muscles and limbs did not hurt, per se, but I was extremely uncomfortable, so much so that often I was unable to sleep and suffered from insomnia.

Throughout all of this, I went to see many doctors and had numerous tests. It was thought that I had an inner ear infection or suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or the doctor was simply baffled. I even had an MRI to rule out MS. I finally went to see Paul and he started me on a 4-day course of Chinese herbs. During my first visit, Paul also stimulated some acupressure points and immediately I felt fifty percent better. I drank the herb tea mixtures for three weeks, at the end of which I felt back to my old self. It is now over a month later and I have had no recurrence of any of my symptoms and feel that I owe Paul my life. I could have spent the rest of my life with traditional Western medicine and never gotten any relief, much less discover what it was, in fact, that I was plagued with. I would, and have recommended Paul Olko to a lot of people to cure whatever ails them.

—M. G. K.
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