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For 27 years I suffered from perhaps the worst case of acne any human being could possibly endure. So bad, in fact, that it had left one eye permanently damaged, a partially deviated septum, and premature wrinkling from scars and repeated use of Accutane.

Every dermatologist in the state of Virginia had seen my case and had treated me with a myriad of western approaches. Nothing helped. My condition grew worse and the medicines (toxins) these doctors so freely administered began to create additional illnesses, one of which became ulcerative colitis.

For this disease I was placed on the drug Azulfodine indefinitely, as my doctor-induced colitis was now deemed incurable.

One of the side effects of Azulfodine is falling hair; thus eventual balding was also “just something to be expected.” I wrestled with the thought of suicide for several years but all the while maintained hope for another way out.

That other way turned out to be Chinese medicine and Paul Olko.

After only three months of therapy with Paul Olko, he had cured my acne, and after one and a half years of drinking his herbal teas, I no longer have any symptoms of colitis whatsoever.

I still have to stay away from acid/spicy foods but then everyone should watch their diets anyway, right?

Paul has me on “Pearl Cream” for my face, which has removed 10 years from my appearance, as the wrinkles continue to vanish.

One word of advice—don’t become impatient when you undergo Chinese therapy. It takes a little longer (and each case is individualized), but the results are safe and lasting. I will never return to archaic western standards and will be forever grateful to Paul Olko for his exciting, innovative methods of treatment and his long strides in the advancement of medicine.

—A. B.
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