Green Lake Healing Center


Thanks much for the prompt shipment of the herbs—am really feeling significantly more relaxed and balanced and stable. As I told you on the telephone, I felt the effects of Chinese bupleurum dragon bone formula immediately upon drinking the tea. I became relaxed very quickly and, best of all, my stomach area has felt a relaxation that it has probably never felt before. I began to have normal bowel movements within about three and a half weeks after beginning to drink the tea—something I haven’t experienced for years. It’s been about five weeks now since I’ve been drinking the tea (and modifying some parts of my diet—no juices!—must confess I’m still eating some cookies!) and I feel stronger than I have for years.

I’ve also just begun to do some yoga daily which feels great.

So thank you, thank you, thank you!  Keep up the great service you provide us with your knowledge and love!

P.S. I now live in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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