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I have been a patient of Mr. Olko since the early 1980s. He has treated me for a variety of ailments, including weight control, fatigue and stress. In 1987 he treated me when I miscarried in the third month of pregnancy. He prescribed a variety of Chinese herbs, one being powerful enough to contract the uterus and lessen the amount of bleeding. Moreover, in spite of the circumstances, I felt extraordinarily well and healthy. When I returned to the Ob/Gyn MD, he was amazed that the hemoglobin was normal. In 1989 Paul Olko again treated me for bursitis in my left shoulder which had stubbornly resisted anti-inflammatory medicine from the MD. Paul again used Chinese Herbs.

As of this date I am still a patient, this time in menopause, and I am successfully using the Chinese Herbs prescribed by Mr. Olko instead of the conventional Hormone Replacement Therapy. It is again working. I feel well and healthy without any of the side effects which were apparent when I was on estrogen replacement.

—E. H. H.


Paul Olko was my herbalist and treated me about nine years ago. I was in a complete state of exhaustion (a near death situation) and he nurtured me from a near bedridden state to superior health. I am so proud to know this genius.

—D.K., D.C.

I came to Paul a little over a year ago with a lot of complaints—fatigue, depression, decreased libido, back pain and irregular periods. After listening to my symptoms and examining me, he recommended some herbal preparations and instructions for me to follow. Paul also gave me the most incredible full body massage, which helped to relax my knotted muscles and my mind. I followed up with Paul for several months so that he could monitor my progress with the herb formulas and keep my body tension-free through massage so that I could exercise without pain. It was AMAZING! After only four months, I had more energy, almost no PMS, a more regular monthly cycle and no back pain.

Only eight weeks ago I consulted Paul on the subject of infertility because my husband and I were having no success conceiving after TRYING for a year. I had been on a formula for this for a few months, but still something was missing. After some wonderful advice from Paul about relaxing and letting God take control my husband and I were blessed. We are expecting our second child in June, 1992.

For any woman who may read this and need some encouragement about using Paul’s methods of treatment for the whole person, whether it be for infertility, PMS, or the common cold, please take the time and really listen to him, because I feel that through him, God is speaking to you.


For more than two years Paul Olko has provided Chinese Herbal Care for me and my son and daughter.

Paul obviously loves his work with herbs. His belief in their effectiveness is contagious. When I would ask him about a health problem I was experiencing, his response was thorough and enthusiastic. Paul has always been sensitive to my information, impressions and experience. His prescriptions never failed to help and cure my problems.

Paul has given me herbs which shrank uterine fibroids, for flu, colds, digestive problems, weight loss, lack of energy, estrogen deficiency, ear and eye irritations. Paul has successfully treated my son for asthma and nervous disorders with herbs. He has assisted my daughter in recovering from chronic fatigue syndrome. It has been an adventure for me to prepare teas from the original herbal mixtures Paul prescribes from his huge store of ingredients.

Paul is my first choice of help when I have a medical problem. He has given me faith that I can heal my body and often my mind and emotions with Chinese herbs in a safe, balanced and altogether beneficial manner without negative side effects.


From 1985 to 1989, I saw Paul as my primary health practitioner, on an average of once every three weeks. I consulted with him about problems as diverse as digestive/liver function, eye rash, and low energy. Using Chinese diagnosis, along with acupressure, dietary recommendations and individually designed Chinese formulas, Paul was able to help me improve each health condition considerably.

Without reservation, I recommend Paul Olko as a knowledgeable, experienced and capable practitioner of Chinese herbalism.

—M. E. W.

I became acquainted with Paul Olko about ten years ago. At that time I had no knowledge or understanding of Chinese Herbology and very little exposure to holistic health in general. In time I found myself calling on Paul for basic health care through the use of Chinese herbs.

Our first consultation, which I found to be most thorough, dealt with general complaints of fatigue as well as chronic problems with cold extremities. The herbal formulas he prescribed at that time were most helpful. We continued this treatment for coldness over a several year period, even after I relocated to a chillier climate, and I feel the Chinese herbs were successful in adjusting my energy.

In addition, Paul Olko successfully treated me on several occasions for such things as bladder and yeast infections and helped me through more than a few winter colds. That is why it was not surprising to me when I eventually began to work as Paul’s office assistant that I also witnessed numerous clients such as myself regaining health through Paul’s extensive knowledge of Chinese herbology.

In recent years I have been treated by other Chinese Herbologists and O.M.D.s in various parts of the country. In comparison, I must say that Paul Olko’s knowledge of Chinese Herbology is invaluable and very extensive. I am very grateful for the loving care that I have received from Paul Olko over the years and continue to call on his knowledge and expertise.

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