Green Lake Healing Center

Herniated Disc

For the last six months I have had the good fortunate to be under the care of Paul Olko. I started treatment for a herniated disc in my lower back in January, 1993. At first I went to Paul once a week, then three times a week, and now every other week. Early on we concentrated on my back problem. Later, however, his wide range of expertise as a Chinese Herbalist became evident as we began treating other problems (a cold, hay fever, and PMS).

As a health care professional, I would like to note other aspects of Paul’s caring style. First, he gives a thorough exam, looking at the whole picture. Second, and what impresses me most, are his continuous evaluations. Paul listens to what his patients say about how they are feeling and adjusts the treatment if it is necessary.

Please consider this letter in good faith to grant Paul Olko a certificate as a Chinese Herbalist.

—P.M.K, R.N.
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