Green Lake Healing Center

High Cholesterol

Thank you Paul and Lisa Olko for the great health changes you both have developed in me over the last year. By following both your dietary and supplemental advice, I have lost over twenty pounds and my LDL (bad cholesterol) has been reduced 45 points from 180 to 135. I took no statins, I had no bad side effects, but I experienced changes that give me a manageable balance I have been looking 21 years for.

I would like older women who think they cannot lose weight because of their slowed down metabolism to know that I did. My fifty-eight year old body has transformed and it is amazing to me! It was simple, easy and I don’t feel deprived when I follow your guidelines. I eat a lot of satisfying food. I just eat it in a different way. I only wonder what incredible shape I would be in if I completely followed your directions!!

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