Green Lake Healing Center

Infection Following Surgery

I do believe in miracles! and I give you credit for performing one. I came to you a year and a half ago with a very sensitive, swollen, tender, red arm. The trouble was due to a mastectomy followed by infection and swelling in the arm.

Thanks to you, with healing massage each week and the lymphatic oils, my arm is almost normal. It does not hurt as it did and I’ve had no recurring infection for over six months.

What a pleasure to be able to buy clothes without needing alterations on the sleeve—and to be able to use my arm as anyone would be able to do. The strength in the arm is slowly returning and I forget I did have such trouble even raising the arm before coming to you.

Thank you many times over for your patience, encouragement and wonderful healing massage.

With a grateful heart,

B. W.
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