Green Lake Healing Center


I came to Paul a little over a year ago with a lot of complaints—fatigue, depression, decreased libido, back pain and irregular periods. After listening to my symptoms and examining me, he recommended some herbal preparations and instructions for me to follow. Paul also gave me the most incredible full body massage, which helped to relax my knotted muscles and my mind. I followed up with Paul for several months so that he could monitor my progress with the herb formulas and keep my body tension-free through massage so that I could exercise without pain. It was AMAZING! After only four months, I had more energy, almost no PMS, a more regular monthly cycle and no back pain.

Only eight weeks ago I consulted Paul on the subject of infertility because my husband and I were having no success conceiving after TRYING for a year. I had been on a formula for this for a few months, but still something was missing. After some wonderful advice from Paul about relaxing and letting God take control my husband and I were blessed. We are expecting our second child in June, 1992.

For any woman who may read this and need some encouragement about using Paul’s methods of treatment for the whole person, whether it be for infertility, PMS, or the common cold, please take the time and really listen to him, because I feel that through him, God is speaking to you.



In response to a Questionnaire on her Herbal Health Program from Paul Olko, R. B. notes that after 3 months of doing nearly everything that Paul recommended, her primary complaint was helped. She reports that she had been helped 100% and was pregnant.  In addition to the herbs and diet, she noted use of supplements, body therapy, exercise, nutritional advice, and yoga, writing “all work together to make the body whole.” The questionnaire was undated.
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