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For a number of years, dating back as early as 1982, I have had the pleasure of experiencing the proficiency of Paul Olko’s Chinese Herbal Care.

I have had continued success over the years with the many Chinese herbal formulas that Paul has prescribed for me, as well as for my daughter.

It is my firm conviction that the expertise and knowledge of Paul Olko in providing me with very thorough consultations, diagnoses and prescribed Chinese formulas, have been the reasons why I have experienced such success. Paul also provided a comfort that enabled me to participate in a healing process of this nature.

He has treated me for problems, from minor ones such as colds, influenza, ear and eye infections, to more complex formulas for uterus strengthening, hormonal balancing and postpartum depression.

Considering Paul operates a very high volume practice, he has always provided me with extreme quality care.

I consider myself very fortunate to have the availability of a Chinese herbalist of Paul Olko’s caliber.

—N. R.

For more than two years Paul Olko has provided Chinese Herbal Care for me and my son and daughter.

Paul obviously loves his work with herbs. His belief in their effectiveness is contagious. When I would ask him about a health problem I was experiencing, his response was thorough and enthusiastic. Paul has always been sensitive to my information, impressions and experience. His prescriptions never failed to help and cure my problems.

Paul has given me herbs which shrank uterine fibroids, for flu, colds, digestive problems, weight loss, lack of energy, estrogen deficiency, ear and eye irritations. Paul has successfully treated my son for asthma and nervous disorders with herbs. He has assisted my daughter in recovering from chronic fatigue syndrome.

It has been an adventure for me to prepare teas from the original herbal mixtures Paul prescribes from his huge store of ingredients.

Paul is my first choice of help when I have a medical problem. He has given me faith that I can heal my body and often my mind and emotions with Chinese herbs in a safe, balance and altogether beneficial manner without negative side effects.


Being a teacher of hearing impaired adolescents, I am almost constantly exposed to a variety of “bugs” and reasons for exhaustion! However, during the past three years, I have been remarkably more healthy and productive; and I attribute this primarily to the excellent, weekly treatments given to me by Paul Olko.

Paul’s knowledge of Chinese herbology seems endless; but more importantly, his application is thorough, conscientious and very successful.

Paul has treated me for a wide variety of ailments, from stubborn skin infections to acute poison ivy; from painful dental problems to stiff necks; from PMS to sore joints. His preventative approach to the “flu” season has left many of my colleagues questioning their less successful shots and antibiotics. But the most critical and dramatic work that Paul has done with me has been the balancing of my Yin. A serious deficiency has been greatly decreased  over the years; the tonifying teas, the diet ideas and even the Ya Ching Music for Health that Paul has prescribed for me have made a world of difference in my life!

I cannot thank him enough! Nor can I recommend anyone more highly than I do Paul Olko—a knowledgeable, caring and committed practitioner of Chinese herbology.

—L. J. B. M.
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