Green Lake Healing Center

Kidney Infection

I thought I’d see you long before this, but since that hasn’t happened yet, I’m writing to express my deepest appreciation to you for the amazing work you did with me to diagnose and treat my kidney problems.

The first time I saw you I was in a semi-conscious state from a raging kidney infection. You prescribed Chinese herbal teas—those strange brews became my dear friends—a dietary regimen, and incredible massages. Over the next year or so, we dissolved several kidney stones. If this were the sole outcome of your ministrations, I would be grateful. But the real magic is in the metamorphosis I experienced, and which persists. My general health is much improved. I am clearer and more balanced. I lost 55 pounds. I feel younger. Thank you, thank you!

As you know, I’m also a patient of Dr. Vincent Speckhart, a homeopath. What you don’t know is that about four months ago he discovered that I have mercury poisoning from my amalgam fillings. The remedies he gave me to counteract the effects of the mercury immediately alleviated the residual and erratic discomfort I’ve felt remaining in my kidney area even after the stones were gone. I am now in the process of having all my fillings replaced. So far one quadrant (the “hottest,” according to tooth polarity readings) is completed and I can already feel the improvement. When this present “project” is complete I want to continue working with you to optimize my health in other areas.

One last note—it was obvious from the response at the time that your herb seminar here at the community was a big hit. Everyone enjoyed it tremendously and felt they walked away with very useful information. We really appreciated your coming out, Paul. Since then Dave’s been into other things and I’m not certain if he’s still planning to sell the Flying Dream Tea. However, the people we’ve given it to have loved it and reported interesting experiences.

All the best to you, Lisa, and the girls!

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