Green Lake Healing Center

Lyme Disease

I am writing to you not only as a satisfied patient, but also as a health insurance professional. I own and operate a health and life insurance brokerage agency and I have been in the health insurance business for 27 years.

I have been very interested in the effects of vitamins and herbs for good health for some time. However, it is very hard to ascertain exactly what you should be using and why without the knowledge. I was trying to read everything I could about vitamins and herbs in order to find something to help my wife get relief from the symptoms associated with Lyme disease. I also was taking a lot of vitamins and herbal treatments for my health. After my wife started receiving treatment from you, I also started treatment. I have seen many good results and I am learning from you how to find balance in my life and live as a happy, healthy person. I am impressed by your vast knowledge of herbs and therapy and it is with great respect I have given you the name of “Doctor Wizard.” I have a lot to learn from you and I will be a patient for life!

Over the past few years, natural remedies, herbs and other forms of alternative medicines and therapies have started to enter the mainstream of American medicine. I think if we continue to make our wishes known, we will see more and more health care providers and insurance companies giving people the choice of treatment. Some of the larger health care providers are already providing alternative treatments for their patients and a growing number of patients are seeking alternatives to conventional medicines and drugs. I feel there is a need for health insurance coverage, but hope insurance carriers will continue to make changes as alternative medicines of all kinds are proven to work with better results, fewer side effects, and which can, in the long run, actually cost less.

Thank you for everything you have done for my wife and me. We will be eternally grateful.

—J. R. J.
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