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I have been a patient of Mr. Olko since the early 1980s. He has treated me for a variety of ailments, including weight control, fatigue and stress. In 1987 he treated me when I miscarried in the third month of pregnancy. He prescribed a variety of Chinese herbs, one being powerful enough to contract the uterus and lessen the amount of bleeding. Moreover, in spite of the circumstances, I felt extraordinarily well and healthy. When I returned to the Ob/Gyn MD, he was amazed that the hemoglobin was normal. In 1989 Paul Olko again treated me for bursitis in my left shoulder which had stubbornly resisted anti-inflammatory medicine from the MD. Paul again used Chinese Herbs.

As of this date I am still a patient, this time in menopause, and I am successfully using the Chinese Herbs prescribed by Mr. Olko instead of the conventional Hormone Replacement Therapy. It is again working. I feel well and healthy without any of the side effects which were apparent when I was on estrogen replacement.

—E. H. H.

Paul Olko has been treating me over the past three years for menopausal symptoms. Thanks to his excellent knowledge of Chinese herbology, I am in great shape and excellent health. I visit him weekly for massages and consultation. As a result of his treatment, all discomforts such as hot flashes, depression, swelling, and memory loss have been taken care of and I feel very strong. He has great insight into the human psyche and body, and a great gift for diagnosis. I recommend him highly for national certification.

—B. O.

You, and particularly your herbs, have been my lifeline for the past five menopausal years. I have been able to sleep and my stomach/digestive issues have  resolved. I am eternally grateful for your knowledge of Chinese medicine and all the support I have received from you and your staff (particularly Lisa’s willingness to spend however much time was necessary to calm and reassure me).

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

—D. M. L.
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