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I am a 50 year young white female who has been challenged with headaches since I can remember. Guiding myself out from the high-strung and passionate era of my life, I always chalked up the pain to the stresses imposed upon myself.

At age 45 I was challenged with melanoma cancer and went through the first surgery in July 1992 followed by a second in November 1993. Something dramatically changed with regard to my health. The headaches turned into migraines, twice a week, out of work two to three days at a time with each occurrence. I was in grave danger of losing my financial advising practice of twenty years and my desire to live.

I had become so desperate I was prepared to try cocaine, other drugs, or whatever it took to get rid of the pain. My chiropractic visits were not getting to the cause. The intensive massage was helping, but that wasn’t a permanent cure either. I invested through a dentist the old TMJ procedure which I’m not convinced did anything but make a few of his BMW payments.

My sister referred me to Paul’s treatment because a friend of hers had been healed through Paul. I felt I had nothing else to lose and made an appointment to see Paul Olko.

I did exactly what Paul recommended. In the two months Paul was treating me, I didn’t have one migraine. I am now working into the third month and no migraines. I feel I have a new lease on life. So much so, that I opened another business that is doing great thanks to Paul. (I wonder if he’ll want royalties?)

Thank you and Bless you, Paul, for helping me get on track and stay there. I really do wish you would consider coming to Virginia Beach or Newport News at least once a month. We have an extra good bed at our Inn that’s free of charge, very quiet, and surrounded with natural ambience. The food is from the garden, all organic, and that’s no charge, too!

—M. M.
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