Green Lake Healing Center

Multiple Sclerosis


Thank you so much for your classes and sharing of what you know with all of us!

Several years ago I was diagnosed as having multiple sclerosis. In my search for healing the Lord led me first to nutrition, which began a better feeling of wholeness within me. Your name was recommended to me for help in this area, and when I called you told me you would work with me, but you also told me that massage would be very familiar with at all, I politely said thank you and never talked to you again. In the meantime, my situation got better, and as the months passed, became bad again. This time, massage was suggested to me by my husband when we were on vacation in St. Simons. I went and it was great. I went again in the same week and then I continued when I returned home, once a week for several months. My life became well and whole again. This is why I'm taking these classes in hope that I can used to promote healing in others with M.S. Thank you again for all you do to help people.

The Lord bless you and your family!


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