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Muscle Soreness

I have been a patient of Paul Olko’s since 1984, seeing him every three weeks until his move to Virginia. During this time, he prescribed Chinese Herbal formulas often for sore throat, colds, flue symptoms, cold sores and since I am a runner, very often for sore muscles.

I found Paul to be knowledgeable and very competent in prescribing the different formulas. A few years ago, I was in training to run the New York Marathon and developed a very sore knee. After a call to Paul explaining the problem, he recommended a Chinese Herbal formula for compresses. After using the formula for a few days the soreness disappeared and I was able to complete the marathon with no further problems. This is just one example of the many successes I have experienced with Paul.


It has been my good fortune to have had Paul Olko as my therapist since 1983.

During this ten year period, especially from 1983 until his move to Virginia, I saw Paul on a regular monthly basis and he prescribed Chinese Herbal formulas frequently, and with great success, for conditions such as allergies, headache, gastric distress and sore muscles.

I make regular trips to his Virginia practice from my home in Atlanta, Georgia, and consult with him long distance when necessary. His expertise in Chinese Herbal treatments has contributed greatly to my good health and wellbeing.


Being a teacher of hearing impaired adolescents, I am almost constantly exposed to a variety of “bugs” and reasons for exhaustion! However, during the past three years, I have been remarkably more healthy and productive; and I attribute this primarily to the excellent, weekly treatments given to me by Paul Olko.

Paul’s knowledge of Chinese herbology seems endless; but more importantly, his application is thorough, conscientious and very successful.

Paul has treated me for a wide variety of ailments, from stubborn skin infections to acute poison ivy; from painful dental problems to stiff necks; from PMS to sore joints. His preventative approach to the “flu” season has left many of my colleagues questioning their less successful shots and antibiotics. But the most critical and dramatic work that Paul has done with me has been the balancing of my Yin. A serious deficiency has been greatly decreased  over the years; the tonifying teas, the diet ideas and even the Ya Ching Music for Health that Paul has prescribed for me have made a world of difference in my life!

I cannot thank him enough! Nor can I recommend anyone more highly than I do Paul Olko—a knowledgeable, caring and committed practitioner of Chinese herbology.

—L. J. B. M.

I just want to thank you so much for all the tremendous healing you have fostered upon my, at times, very broken body. I am not sure how my body would have made such amazing recoveries without your healing touch and home exercise sheets. It has been many years now that I have been coming to you and am most grateful you have maintained such quality in your work and the presence you bring to working on my various aching parts. I have also been most thankful for your warm support and insights at some very difficult times of my life. Thank you for that friendship and offerings of perspective when I really needed them. Justine and I wish you, Lisa and the children the very best Christmas and restful holidays possible. We hope that the incredible love you have for each other and the children continues to expand and deepen. And during these holidays I am reflecting upon and grateful for friends like you. Thanks for everything.

S. and J.

Thanks so much for your kind gift of the vitamin supplements and the tea. I have been using and enjoying the Wellness Essentials and the Tao tea since they arrived at my doorstep. I did find my appointment card and it did say June 29th, for whatever reason . . . It does not matter now at all and though I cannot make the July 29th date because I will be out of town, I will call and make another appointment, probably for the fall.

You did so much to help my neck heal and I really appreciate all of the work you did to aid its recovery. I know it is because of your help that it got better so soon. I was hoping to tell you how great my neck was feeling at that appointment, but it is just as easy to explain to you how ecstatic I am about the rapid healing in written words. I don’t know what I would have done without your healing powers. Probably been in pain for a lot longer than I was.

I am sure we can find a good time for me to come in now that it is no longer an emergency. I would be happy to have proactive, preventive work done on my neck so I don’t end up in the state I found myself in at the beginning of the summer. Thanks again for all you did for me as well as the overly generous gift you sent. I hope you are enjoying the rest of your summer.

—N. M. B.
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