Green Lake Healing Center

Pinched Nerve

I really do not know how to start this letter. You have done so much to improve several of my physical problems.

I guess I should start by saying that I had visited a chiropractor for a very stiff neck, numbness in my entire left arm, and headaches that I could no longer tolerate. After x-rays and a thorough exam, the chiropractor told me that he couldn’t help me and suggested I see an orthopedic surgeon. He indicated that cartilage was worn thin between vertebrae and the nerve was being pinched.

I then went to my family doctor who prescribed some pain pills and said that should take care of it. They only eased the pain for a short while, and who wants to live on pain pills?

Then one night I had the worst, most painful and uncomfortable nights of my entire life. Here I might indicate that I am 57 years old. The next morning I was ready to check myself into the hospital. I couldn’t take it any longer.

My wife Dianne suggested I try massage therapy. She had heard some good things about you. So out of desperation I said what can I lose?  I’ll try him before going to the hospital.

I will never forget my first visit. After a one hour massage I felt taller, lighter on my feet and my headache seemed to show strong signs of relief.

I felt so much better that I began coming twice per week for massage therapy. Both you and I know how much improvement was made. Then I attended Yoga classes by your recommendation and within three months the signs of improvement were phenomenal.

Paul, you have been a blessing for me, and I will always be grateful for all the good you have done. You know I will miss you very much, however I want you to take that as a compliment, and not as a “poor me.” I sincerely wish you and your family only the best and trust that this move will bring you happiness and much success.

If I ever have serious trouble again, you will probably see me on your doorstep in Charlottesville.

Keep up the good work. America needs more people like you.

—A. C. D.
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