Green Lake Healing Center

Postpartum Depression

For a number of years, dating back as early as 1982, I have had the pleasure of experiencing the proficiency of Paul Olko’s Chinese Herbal Care.

I have had continued success over the years with the many Chinese herbal formulas that Paul has prescribed for me, as well as for my daughter.

It is my firm conviction that the expertise and knowledge of Paul Olko in providing me with very thorough consultations, diagnoses and prescribed Chinese formulas, have been the reasons why I have experienced such success. Paul also provided a comfort that enabled me to participate in a healing process of this nature.

He has treated me for problems, from minor ones such as colds, influenza, ear and eye infections, to more complex formulas for uterus strengthening, hormonal balancing and postpartum depression.

Considering Paul operates a very high volume practice, he has always provided me with extreme quality care.

I consider myself very fortunate to have the availability of a Chinese herbalist of Paul Olko’s caliber.

—N. R.
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