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Rheumatoid Arthritis

Below is a testimony of my recovery from rheumatoid arthritis—a painful, deforming disease. This recover, I believe, is due to my faith in God and the knowledge and wisdom he has given Paul Olko to heal people.

At age 24 I woke up one morning with a stiff, aching feeling in my hands and wrists. I ignored this thinking that I’d slept under an open window. The pain disappeared only to surface five months later under a stressful situation: I learned my mother was ill. Even though my mother made a beautiful recovery, my arthritis worsened. The pain traveled from my hands to my shoulders, knees and feet. I endured this condition until March 1984, when I decided to visit a specialist in arthritis. I was told to take up to 15 aspirins a day. This did nothing for the pain but produced side effects such as ringing in my ears and a nauseated stomach. The doctor switched me from uncoated aspirin to Ecotrin. This still did nothing to relieve the pain that was progressing. My weight decreased  from 108 to about 98, and I noticed a definite decrease in my appetite. So even though I was going to physical and occupational therapy and visiting the doctor once a week I had no release from the discomfort. Needless to say my finances did not benefit from this method of treatment. After two months I decided to discontinue my visits.

With no hope, I left Atlanta and sought help from my family doctor in Philadelphia. Although he did not wish to give me cortisone, I insisted upon this treatment because of my advanced pain. At this point I could not cook, climb on a bus, smoothly sit down, nor easily stand up. The cortisone took away the pain. I felt like I’d never been stricken with this disease. The side effects were constant tiredness, queasiness in my stomach and a dry mouth. The cortisone lasted for one to one and a half months and I was willing to suffer the side effects for the relief. However, after the last dosage of cortisone in January 1986, I decided  never to take this drug again because of the awful tiredness and seemingly advanced stage of arthritis when the drug wore off.

Finally in February 1986, three years later, with weak, deforming hands and feet and limited movements, I knew I could not endure the treatments of this disease nor the effects of this disease any longer. Through a wonderful friend, I became aware of Paul Olko, his method of treatment, and really wanted to give him a chance.

When I walked into Paul’s home, I believed I would be healed. First, I had prayed that I would be healed of my condition and secondly, because of Paul, his calm, peaceful disposition, his family and the tranquility of his home.

Paul’s examination was different. He checked my life signs—pulse, eyes, etc., and asked intuitive questions (some might think very personal, but very necessary). His general attitude is positive and uplifting through the visit and he gives you hope.

A three month program consisting of the following is what Paul recommended for my condition with assurance that I’d begun to notice some improvement in the period. These were the first encouraging words I’d ever heard!

I. Herbal tea—This is a mixture of ten to twelve herbs mixed together and drunk 6 times a day.

II. Herbal capsules—This is a mixture of 6 herbs mixed together and put into a capsule. This is taken 7 times a day.

III. Coix Chinese Capsules—Taken before each meal.

IV. A different way of eating—This has been a learning experience yet extremely beneficial. My grocery bill is lesser. I enjoy shopping and I feel better.

V. Yoga—This has been equally as important as the physical ingestion.

VI. Epsom Salt Baths

VII. Rub Downs—A combination of oils after an Epsom salt bath has helped and even softens the skin.

VIII. Vitamins—Calcium, Vitamin E, Manganese and Kelp.

To this date I have not had any medication since March. Week by week I get stronger physically and mentally. Eighty five percent of arthritis is gone. The other fifteen percent is gradually leaving. That is due to the fact that I didn’t get the herbal capsule mixture until one week ago, and believe me they have made a wonderful difference. My left hand, especially my middle finger, is filled with the arthritis. It had bent over and I couldn’t get any use at all out of that finger. Now, it is straightening up and I can joyfully report that when I wake up in the morning I don’t have to pry open my bent, curled up fingers. I can lift the covers off without thinking about this as a painful heavy challenge. I can get up and stretch again. I am beginning to feel life like the youthful, energetic, attractive human being that I am, and I am thankful.

Thanks so very much, Paul

—J. H.
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