Green Lake Healing Center


I am writing this letter in the hopes that others will read it and become inspired and hopeful.

I brought my six year old daughter to you as a last resort. Heidi was having seizures at least once a week, sometimes twice a week. They have been increasing in their severity since she was two years old. The only thing the medical doctors could offer was anti-seizure medication, which scared me worse than the seizures. A friend of mine suggested I give you a call, and I am so grateful I did. What a dramatic improvement! I can hardly believe it myself! Within the first few weeks of giving her the herbal mixture you prescribed, her seizures decreased to only once in two weeks. Now, three months later, Heidi’s seizures are occurring about once every three weeks! But that’s not all! They are not as severe as they were. They are a much milder type of seizure.

Those herbs you work with are so powerful, yet they offer no harmful side effects. I do not understand why they are not more widely accepted. Anyway, please keep doing what you are doing—we need more like you!

—C. T.
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