Green Lake Healing Center

Natural Health Care Consultation

The consultation can either take place in person or via telephone, and consists of having a complete assessment taken of the patient's health history. In-person consultations include an analytical reading of the tongue, pulse, eyes, face, and pressure points takes place to help gather clues about the state of one's health. Various questions are asked concerning the patient's signs and symptoms. Herbal recommendations are made along with lifestyle counseling, food suggestions, supplements and exercises as necessary.  

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Tui Na Massage
Tui Na Chinese Massage is a complete form of bodywork utilizing manipulative therapy, acupressure points and highly advanced massage techniques that help to remove obstructions in the channel (meridian) pathways by promoting an increase in Qi (vital energy) and blood circulation, correcting the displacement of joints and healing soft tissue injuries. Tui Na Chinese massage encourages proper functioning of the internal organs, helps to regulate the nerves, increases joint mobility, relieves neuralgic pain and facilitates cellular tissue detoxification.
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First Line Therapy is a therapeutic lifestyle program for weight management and body composition that is designed to address the underlying causes of many common problems, and therefore improve health and prevent chronic degenerative disease. This customized program revolves around a healthy menu plan, medical foods and nutritional supplementation, an exercise plan, as well as targeting the healthy management of stress. 
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Naturopathy is a healing system that focuses on the body's vitalistic ability to heal and maintain itself. Naturopathic philosophy is a holistic approach to finding the least invasive measures necessary for symptom resolution, hence avoiding or minimizing the use of drugs or surgery. Modalities employed would be herbal medicine, diet therapy, nutritional supplementation, exercise, and Nature's Six Healers: sleep, rest, relaxation, water (hydrotherapy), air (breathing), and sun (heliotherapy).
Nuga Thermal Massage Table
The Nuga Thermal Massage Table integrates a soothing, personal massage with acupressure treatment, penetrating heat therapy, the miraculous effect of jade, and moxibustion (healing with heated herbs). The table automatically applies massage action on the muscles, tendons, and joint surfaces around the spine, relieving tension and improving the circulation of energy and blood.

Zyto Bio-Communications 
This technology sends stimuli through the palm of the hand using digital signatures that represent actual things and the fluctuations in the Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) of the palms are measured and interpreted by a computer program.

Herbal Prescriptions Filled                                         
The Green Lake Healing Center also fills custom-written herbal prescriptions for other local and national TCM practitioners. We bring herbal knowledge and products to you in an easy, convenient way to meet your herbal needs. The Green Lake Healing Center
 maintains a trained staff under Paul Olko's guidance, ready to assist you. We ship daily, Monday through Friday.

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