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Sinus Congestion

My first experience with Paul Olko was back in the spring of 1980. At the time, I came to Paul for relief of a sinus congestion. After my initial consultation it was decided that a complete cleansing and dietary analysis was needed.

After my personal baseline was established we worked on stress reduction, which included acupressure, herbal therapy and yoga. At this time I realized the benefit of a self-directed, holistic health approach.

The herbs helped clear my sinuses, although not completely. There also was a lengthy cleansing process using Chinese herbs. This cleansing was vital to any progress I would make in the future. Most importantly, I embraced a more natural health approach.

I visited weekly with Paul over the better part of two straight years and to this day I ask his advice on a variety of health concerns. the reason my visits decreased was that I secured a new job and relocated to another state.

The work with herbs, stress reduction and dietary changes have not only helped my body, but changed my attitude about the importance of “alternative” medicines, an attitude I wish more people would adopt.

—J. Y.

Hi Lisa,

Bless you for checking on me. I meant to E-mail you last night, but I thought it might be premature. The tea is absolutely the worst tasting stuff I have ever had in my mouth...and I could have sworn the first dose knocked out whatever was in me!...though the little I know about Chinese Herbs, I think they're gentler than that, LOL. I DID NOT NEED A NEBULIZER AGAIN YESTERDAY AFTER HAVING THE TEA!!! That was amazing because I had  been having to use it 3 times per day to breathe. I have a slight headache, but my sinus drainage went from gray, green, yellow and red to clear overnight! After drinking a few doses of the tea yesterday. I did feel really tired, but this morning I have more energy. I can't tell you how thankful I am, and amazed.
Jona got the "Java Jive" article for me out of the filing cabinet. That was an eye-opening article. I had a cup of tea and read it before leaving your office, but while I was reading, Paul walked by an suggested I just give up the coffee cold turkey. I may do that (after this headache passes from my  infection). After reading the article you just sent, the pluses are definitely the reason I have always drunk coffee, but the cons are better reasons at this point in my life, to get off of it. Thanks for sending that. 
Jona also told me about Paul's band at Friday's after Five, so we may try to go. Gia, whom you met. and her husband are big Beatles fans. He and I played Beatles music together for some friends one night.

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