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Stiff Shoulder

For ten or more years, I have been suffering pain and stiffening in my shoulders. My family has been very concerned about my condition. My posture was being affected to the point that I appeared to walk crooked. My shoulders had slowly and steadily gone from normal to an almost totally locked position in the left shoulder and continued deterioration in the right shoulder. I was definitely opposed to surgery and was searching for a more natural solution.

My daughter’s friend told me about Paul Olko, who had studied with the Chinese and used Chinese herbology in his practice. She had known of his invaluable work for five or more years prior to my meeting him.

I first went to see him on February 1, then afterwards, once a week for 20 weeks so far. He gave me a thorough evaluation, and consultation and examined me physically. He prescribed certain Chinese herbs to begin with and has since changed or added  some of the herbs and gave me a list of exercises to do (some taken from the Qigong for Arthritis book). From time to time, Paul would add different exercises as I progressed.

At first, the exercises were almost impossible for me to do properly because of my limited movement. His patience and tenacity in working with me and on my physical body produced amazing results. The pain has almost entirely vanished. The movement in the right arm is 99% restored. My left arm was the most affected and the movement in that arm has been restored at this writing to 75% mobility.

Paul is a truly dedicated person, striving to preserve the health of his fellow man using his valuable knowledge of Chinese herbs. I am constantly amazed at the energy he expends in accomplishing this. He is a gifted humanitarian who is forever reaching out to teach, to heal and to be of service to whomever he meets.

—J. H. D.

I have had the privilege of being a client, student and assistant to Paul Olko.

In 1986 I sought assistance from Paul for a breast lump and a frozen right shoulder. His proficient knowledge of Chinese herbology and Chinese Tui Na massage techniques corrected both problems.

Paul’s dedication to his work and his many successes in treating a wide variety of imbalances and injuries will always be the core of inspiration and motivation in my own practice as a licensed massage practitioner.

From 1986 through 1988 I had the opportunity to work with Paul as his office assistant attending to clerical duties as well as maintaining bulk herb inventories and preparing herbal formulas.

During this period of time I participated in a Tui Na Intensive training program which he offered. The training was 130 hours of instruction in understanding and creating balance and harmony of the mind, body and spirit by incorporating bodywork with herbs, correct diet and therapeutic exercise. The influence this training had upon me then is very evident in my own practice and will remain so.

I know Paul Olko to be an ethical, dedicated and knowledgeable practitioner of Chinese herbology and Tui Na. I have witnessed his extensive skills and depth of knowledge through my own work with him as well as observing the care and recovery of those who I have observed while assisting him in his practice.

I offer without any reservation my highest recommendation of Paul Olko as a qualified and experienced practitioner of Chinese herbology. If there are any further questions regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me.

—P.F., L.M.P.

Thank you for squeezing Laurel in for a visit. When she walked in my door after the visit, she said, “Paul is a genius.” Despite the fact that she is still sore, she felt that something was repositioned into its place.

Here is the $20 balance that Laurel owed.

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