Green Lake Healing Center


I began seeing Paul Olko a few months ago for what was becoming a chronic lower back condition, tendonitis in one elbow and a general weakened state. I found his diagnostic and treatment procedures refreshingly thorough, covering all aspects of being . . . emotional and spiritual as well as physical . . . rather than simply dealing with symptoms presented. The results have been delightfully swift in some areas and steady, but deep in the more persistent, long-term conditions.

His knowledge of procedures and treatment regimens is extensive, but even more gratifying is his deep respect for the practice and philosophy of Chinese Herbal Medicine, for the herbs themselves and for his clients. He trusts his medicine and he trusts our ability to take parting our own healing process. He honors each client for what they are at any given moment and is never judgmental or harsh. Quite the contrary, he is perceptive, compassionate and patient and gently weaves each session around the client’s situation at the time.

In addition, he has a complete pharmacy, an herb shop (with things that can’t be found anywhere else in the area) and a small bookstore with titles covering everything from Chinese Philosophy to Nutrition to healing the child within.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be working with him to restore and maintain my health and well-being and for this opportunity to recommend him to your Board.

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