Green Lake Healing Center

Yeast Infection

I became acquainted with Paul Olko about ten years ago. At that time I had no knowledge or understanding of Chinese Herbology and very little exposure to holistic health in general. In time I found myself calling on Paul for basic health care through the use of Chinese herbs.

Our first consultation, which I found to be most thorough, dealt with general complaints of fatigue as well as chronic problems with cold extremities. The herbal formulas he prescribed at that time were most helpful. We continued this treatment for coldness over a several year period, even after I relocated to a chillier climate, and I feel the Chinese herbs were successful in adjusting my energy.

In addition, Paul Olko successfully treated me on several occasions for such things as bladder and yeast infections and helped me through more than a few winter colds. That is why it was not surprising to me when I eventually began to work as Paul’s office assistant that I also witnessed numerous clients such as myself regaining health through Paul’s extensive knowledge of Chinese herbology.

In recent years I have been treated by other Chinese Herbologists and O.M.D.s in various parts of the country. In comparison, I must say that Paul Olko’s knowledge of Chinese Herbology is invaluable and very extensive. I am very grateful for the loving care that I have received from Paul Olko over the years and continue to call on his knowledge and expertise.

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