Green Lake Healing Center

Yin Deficiency

Being a teacher of hearing impaired adolescents, I am almost constantly exposed to a variety of “bugs” and reasons for exhaustion! However, during the past three years, I have been remarkably more healthy and productive; and I attribute this primarily to the excellent, weekly treatments given to me by Paul Olko.

Paul’s knowledge of Chinese herbology seems endless; but more importantly, his application is thorough, conscientious and very successful.

Paul has treated me for a wide variety of ailments, from stubborn skin infections to acute poison ivy; from painful dental problems to stiff necks; from PMS to sore joints. His preventative approach to the “flu” season has left many of my colleagues questioning their less successful shots and antibiotics. But the most critical and dramatic work that Paul has done with me has been the balancing of my Yin. A serious deficiency has been greatly decreased  over the years; the tonifying teas, the diet ideas and even the Ya Ching Music for Health that Paul has prescribed for me have made a world of difference in my life!

I cannot thank him enough! Nor can I recommend anyone more highly than I do Paul Olko—a knowledgeable, caring and committed practitioner of Chinese herbology.

—L. J. B. M.
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