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I have been a patient of Mr. Olko since the early 1980s. He has treated me for a variety of ailments, including weight control, fatigue and stress. In 1987 he treated me when I miscarried in the third month of pregnancy. He prescribed a variety of Chinese herbs, one being powerful enough to contract the uterus and lessen the amount of bleeding. Moreover, in spite of the circumstances, I felt extraordinarily well and healthy. When I returned to the Ob/Gyn MD, he was amazed that the hemoglobin was normal. In 1989 Paul Olko again treated me for bursitis in my left shoulder which had stubbornly resisted anti-inflammatory medicine from the MD. Paul again used Chinese Herbs.

I see yoga and massage as important tools in helping one’s health. The yoga postures are ideal for everyone of all ages because of Paul’s gentle and understandable approach. The poses help to keep the body loose and flexible especially the spine. It is an excellent method for toning the body, keeping the mind alert and relaxing the nerves.

I highly recommend Paul as a yoga instructor for whatever appropriate level class, school or college.

—R. A. G., M.D.

I would like to recommend Paul Olko for a position as a Yoga Therapist.

Paul has worked under my direction as a Yoga Therapist from January 1981 through August 1982. He has worked with various populations such as: Alcohol and Drug, Adult Psychiatric, Adolescent Drug and Psychiatric, and Geriatric Patients.

I see Yoga and Massage as an important tool to aid in relaxation, relief of body tension, calming of the mind, and making one comfortable internally and with their environment.

I have found Paul to be of a very high caliber. His teaching ability has been sensitive to patient needs, clear in his explanations and demonstrations, and enlightening with his new ideas.

I highly recommend Paul as a Yoga Instructor.

—A.P., M.T.R.S., Brawner Psychiatric Institute
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